"Cinema is the truth 24 times a second" said Michael Subor in the film "The Little Soldier" by Jean-Luc Godard. But how does this truth come about? That's shown in the promotional short film Cinema! Handmade Dreams". It is a homage to filmmaking and at the same time an advertisement for the Swiss film industry. "Cinema! Handmade Dreams" shows the elaborate work behind a feature film and aims to demonstrate to viewers the value of film in an age of streaming services. The film relies on an unagitated staging and focuses above all on the manual labor that goes behind a film production. The message is clear: For a 20-franc cinema ticket, you get a product worth millions! Where else do you get that, if not in the cinema? With this film, we want to bring people back to the cinema!
Edited and Directed by SILVAN MAXIMILAN HOHL Cinematography by DAMIEN HAUSER Soundtrack by ELIAS Sounddesign by PHIL RIEDER Mixing by DANIEL MILERT 

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