In 2016, a group of men and women go on a 1,200-km pilgrimage from St. Gallen to Rome to stand up for the equality of women and men in the Catholic Church.

The documentary shows the large group, mainly consisting of women, on their pilgrimage to Rome. In addition to the stresses and strains of the pilgrimage that the group is confronted with, the film makes tangible the longing desire for a lively church that seeks out new forms of faith and recognies the women's charisma as an enrichment tangible. The events are viewed from different perspectives: On the one hand, the initiators of the project "Church with women'', the pastoral assistants Hildegard Aepli and Esther Riithemann and the priest Franz Mali get the opportunity to comment and say a few words, and on the other hand the three film students, two of which have no religious affiliations, accompany the pilgrimage with a camera and microphone and take a look at the issues of women and men on a pilgrimage. The quest of women's rights, still a taboo issue in the Catholic Church is discussed in a unique way in the film "Habemus Feminas!" and portrayed using impressing imagery.

Young, committed filmmakers dedicated one and a half years of hard work and spared no expense for this documentary. An unconventional documentary about a contro-versial issue.

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